Minutes 28 September 2016

NEXT MEETING – Feb 2nd at 7.30 at KSA – AGM pre-meeting 




Present – Geoff, Myles, Ian, Geraldine, Peter M, Pete, Tony, Andrew 

Apologies – Chris Bell, Martin, Paul and Lydia, Joanne  


AGM agenda – escort boat refresher training 

Resiting of RIB location and/or camera at present location 

Revising Membership fees 

Chair’s letter – reinforce need for escort boat refresher training 

Revised membership fees proposal announcement so that membership could be aware of upcoming decision 

Announcement of new Tues evening handicap racing…. In school term time. Start date 25th april AND Laser open – date to follow 

Advertise success in 24 hr race and inform membership of opportunity to sail in it. 

Andrew – investigate insurance of new jetty 

To contact Candock and offer testimonial 

Geoff ? to circulate group members with new jetty “good usage guidelines  

To investigate the shower in gents 

To further investigate the taps esp the hot ones 

Myles – to organise “grand opening” in conjunction with Push the Boat out day 2017 

To fit secondary chain to new jetty 

To contact Cumbria youth sailing and discuss details of their winter laser training. 

To organise Tues evening handicap racing and Laser open 

Peter M – to organise testing of piles and annual monitoring of their state.  

Ian – to approve to “Peter” the installation of gate camera et al 

To update website with dinghy booking info 

To investigate an alternative online calendar 

Chris  - to purchase new kiddy rig for club windsurfer 

To install new gate components in new year 

Pete – to send in insurance bill to Andrew for 24 hour Ent 


Previous minutes  - agreed in their final format 

Matters Arising – 

1/ Escort boat refresher training – not carried out in 2016.  Emphasised its importance to drivers who rarely drive the escort boat esp at beginning of year. To be discussed and arranged at AGM – also to be mentioned in Chair’s letter 

2/ Group guidelines had been re-issued 



Successfully installed and in use.  Users had expressed and shown their appreciation.  Candock were agreed by all to be worthy of commendation and committee mandated Andrew to write to them and offer a testimonial.   

Andrew circulated the final accounts for the project which neatly balanced income and expenditure.  Outstanding costs included some groundwork to be done once lake dropped in 2017 including first two piles and concreting. Extra fittings had been ordered eg fenders and cleats for SW side and fittings for chain to wooden jetty.  He has also contacted all the grant making bodies and Candock Canada to express our state of play.  

An advisory notice had been displayed in clubhouse warning users to avoid testing the stability of the jetty!  This would be sent electronically to group users.  

Insurance of the jetty to be investigated by Andrew 

Agreed to organise an “opening” possibly to coincide with Push the Boat out day 2017 (May 13-21 – date to be selected by Myles).  Trustees of the grant funding bodies to be invited and the press.  AGM to decide on date.  

Peter M led a discussion on corrosion in the piles and offered to install a test section of piling to monitor this.  Also all agreed that annual inspection of chain and piles would be carried out – probably best at low water.  

Once chain and extra fittings have arrived, then Myles would install  at least at surface height and “diving member” would be contacted to connect to bottom of metal pile on wooden jetty 

It was agreed by all that Andrew deserved a massive thank you for all his work on this project. 



Ian explained the state of play on the new CCTV system – an update had been carried out to avoid power down situation and a larger DVR installed.  An extra camera and other facilities will be installed to enhance its security value was approved at a cost of £660 inc VAT.  A discussion was held to consider installing a camera on jetty/near RIB but that would involve installing power cable to those locations and a decision was held over.   Peter M and Geoff offered to help with labour to install.   



Ian spoke to his previously circulated proposal.  Various opinions were aired relating to fair usage of membership by groups, relative costs of berthing, status of unwaged membership etc.  Andrew proposed separating the three elements and a vote was held on each of berth fees – majority favoured keeping them the same; individual membership – no clear view on whether they should be raised or lowered; group membership – majority favoured raising them though acknowledged that Ian would have to retain facility to be flexible in their application.  A decision was not made and it was agreed that it should become an AGM item heralded by mention of the proposal in the Chairman’s letter. Ian was thanked for all his work on his proposal and the effects that it would have.  

After the meeting we were advised by the insurance company that our premium to cover the new jetty would significantly rise. Added to this was a likely premium rise due to flood damage knock on effects nationwide. In view of this the Treasurer initiated an email poll to ratify his suggestion of a rise in fees of £10 per member and £20 per group. All responses approved this move and so it was agreed to raise the fees for 2017 onwards….. 


Holding up well  - three (4 once fee paid) new members recently.  7 people have not renewed and Ian has sent out a final reminder to them prior to removing them from email lists etc.  Ian thanked for his forbearance and work on chasing them up.   


In the wake of an emergency at the club in the summer, Myles had installed and displayed (above fire alarm panel) a procedure which highlights giving emergency services a clear location and directions to finding it.  (copy at end of these minutes).  A discussion of post code inaccuracy ensued.   


Chris Bell had proposed a number of items following on from his survey of the existing gear and servicing it.   

1) purchase of a new kiddie windsurfing rig as per the quote sent to you and Andrew last week(£249). Two members have expressed an interest in using a new kiddie rig. AGREED  


2) suggest we write to the Eric Twin name trust thanking them for the old windsurfing  equipment and advising it has now seen out it's usable life. Or the sail has and we now need to start looking for a new board and rig package.(POSTPONED due to recent donation to that trust) 





To be reviewed at AGM for adoption for 2017 season.  

Ian will see if an alternative booking calendar for use via website may exist. 



Chris has investigated and planned a repair for the gate to avoid it “dropping” and to prevent it being lifted off its hinges.  Approved to carry out the repair which no doubt will need some assistance in due course.  Cost approx. £25  


 the gate repair I will try to have sorted early next year I will put the new mounting on order this Monday and collect it when I come back so it's ready to fit when needed. 



Myles reported on approx. 25 participants at this year’s PTBO event and thanked those that helped on the day.  It was good weather and a very pleasant day.  It had been preceded by some scouts sessions in the week running up to it so that about 100 young people had participated. Proposed to run a similar event in May 13 – 21 2017.   



Myles had receive a request to hold some winter laser sessions at KSA from Cumbria Youth sailing which was approved subject to group membership (no joining fee, valid till Feb 2018).  Myles to contact them and tie down details.  



Sustainable attendance mainly by families who welcome the rescue boat availability.  Another regular attender is Morecambe Bay SC.  To be continued in 2017 in school term time. (see later for race proposal) 



Lytham Sea cadets have had 4 sessions with Myles as instructor for their cadets.  Some adults have also visited on their own to sail.  Have 3 Toppers stored on site and use club boats as well.  

Morecamber Bay SC – have been regular Tuesday evening users by adults recently and have brought younger sailors at weekends. (nb no reciprocal rights but none discussed when joining) 

Arnside SC – Myles ran a Stage ½ course for them in August using club boats and there has been some use of club both before and after this using club boats.  Their membership was based on understanding of reciprocal rights.  



KSA team did well coming 21st overall.  They use an old Ent that Pete maintains and stores.  A “new” set of sails were purchased for £25 in Ilkley on route to the race!  This year’s race was in very light conditions and much enjoyed by all the sailors.  Boat insurance @£39 was requested and this was approved.  Pete to send in bill to Andrew 



Has died on its feet and only 2 regular racers – there were 3 people who took advantage of visitor offer but only attended once or twice.  Discussion of solution 

Myles offered to race officer a handicap race on Tuesday evenings when KSA sessions occurred in school term time.  Start time 6.30 – probably only one long race or 2 short races…..  



Myles proposed a Laser open as part of the Laser Lakeland and Far Northern series in late April as in recent years – date tbc – Approved.  



  • Shower #1 in gents not working – may be linked to “odd” message on coin box in the changing room – Geoff to investigate 

  • Comment made on hot water taps and Geoff explained the history and offered to carry out further research 

  • Geoff asked all to keep an eye on the heating system in winter with a possible view to replacement.   


NEXT MEETING – Feb 2nd at 7.30 at KSA – pre meeting prior to AGM at 8pm 



Emergency Action Plan 


Postcode of Killington is LA8 0NW 

Advise Emergency Control that quickest route to the Lake is via junction 37 of M6, A684 East, take 1st turn right and follow lake shore once road reaches lake 


1. In the event of an accident the following sequence of actions should be taken: 


2. Render first aid and remove anyone involved from further danger. 

Assess condition of casualty and remainder of group/weather to decide whether or not to direct group to return to shore1 


3. Recover Casualty to Jetty / Slipway 


4. Critical: Summon emergency services Via 999 – postcode of Killington is LA8 0NW 

     Non Critical: Recover any casualties to Sedbergh Health Centre  open 8.30 – 18.30 M-Fr 

phone prior to arrival 01539 718191 


5. Inform relevant contacts (groups) 


6. Arrange for the recovery of  remaining personnel and  equipment. 


7. Obtain the details of any witnesses, where appropriate. 


8. Take the necessary follow-up action as soon as practicable: 

(a) Secure any damaged equipment. 

(b) Complete the accident/incident reporting procedure. 


9. Under NO circumstances should members discuss the incident with the media; mobile phones should be secured. 


10. The instructors and any witnesses should be removed to a place where they can be spoken to privately. 


11. Keep any relevant equipment e.g. Lifejackets, buoyancy aids, log books etc. 


12. If there has been a fatality the police will make all the necessary arrangements to inform the next of kin.  
13. Don’t allow anybody to make well meaning but ill informed comments public.  Do not publicise the name of the casualty even if you know that the next of kin have been informed, even if the press appear to know who it is.  You (or your organisation) should consider creating  a written statement for the press 


1 Considerations include whether seeing bad injury might adversely affect rest of group; whether group are safe to be left sailing while casualty dealt with; whether there is spare rescue boat capability to cover rest of sailors in group; whether there are spare adults on shore to take over with casualty